Ten Reasons Not to Come

roosters in trashcanThe Bahamas offers experiences to suit each type of traveler. We like Harbour Island’s mix of high-end resorts and small town life.  But we know it’s not everyone’s ideal vacation spot. If you still want to come after you read this page, you can learn more by poking around the site or dropping us a note.

Harbour Island is probably the wrong place for your vacation
if you:

  1. Covet a casino
  2. Need access to fast food or international cuisine
  3. Want to go jet skiing
  4. Have kids who need a lot of action to be entertained
  5. Look forward to shopping in big department stores
  6. Think sharing a 3-mile pink sand beach with about three
    dozen other people in high season would be too lonely—or
    too crowded
  7. Expect things on small islands to be inexpensive
  8. Need to keep in close contact with the office*
  9. Require immediate access to high tech health care
    OR, on the other hand
  10. Fantasize that such a lovely place would stay frozen in time and not experience the “progress” that comes with its popularity.


*see our page on communications

Harbour Island is probably the right place for you if you:

  1. Have a soft place in your heart for small town life
  2. Have a family that can entertain itself
  3. Could eat peas n’ rice three times a week—or don’t
    mind paying very high prices to avoid it.
  4. Like small hotels that range from casual to elegant but
    absolutely never bustle
  5. Think the local Junkanoo parade is as close as you want
    to get to Las Vegas style entertainment
  6. Like having total strangers greet you on the street
  7. Think nightlife is more interesting when you mix with
    the locals
  8. Are glad you can’t find a copy of “USA Today” or the “WSJ”
  9. Appreciate that a thorough island tour is best conducted
    on foot.
  10. Think it’s fun when the power goes out
  11. Love snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, boating, or fishing
  12. Feel serenaded by the early morning call of roosters
  13. Can be philosophical about all the changes that inevitably
    come with growth to a place such as this.

OK, so that’s more than 10. We got carried away. You might call it a baker’s dozen.

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